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I have written 10 original songs for “There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth”. I hope you enjoy the new songs.

I’d like to thank the musicians who came out to do their thing on the new record.
Les Lepage: Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic / Electric rhythm guitar & Percussion
John Dillabough: Electric & Acoustic Lead/Pickin’. Vocal Harmonies
Rod Delcourt: Bass guitar & Vocal Harmonies
Al Bragg: Pedal Steel
Buddy McCann: Harp

It is always a pleasure working with these great and talented folks. Eric Craig has also been a great help over the past couple of years, playing engineer when recording my parts.

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All songs written by Les Lepage.
All rights reserved 2019.
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“Coming Home” is now available on iTunes. The theme to this record is all about roots, family and friends who come along for the ride with you. The people and things that move you and get you through. I hope you enjoy it.

I have written 10 original songs for “Coming Home”. The title track “Coming Home” is a song I wrote in order to pay tribute to folks like Denis St. Michael, Ron McMunn, Ralph Carlson and the like for giving a young singer/songwriter the time of day when they really didn’t have to. Here’s the video for the title track “Coming Home”. Please share. Keep Rockin’. 

Here is a video for the title track “Coming Home”
Les Lepage: Vocals, harmonies, percussion and acoustic rhythm guitar
John Dillabough: Electric lead and pickin’ guitar
Rod Delcourt: Bass guitar
Lauren Hall: Harmonies 
Wade Foster: Fiddle

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All songs written by Les Lepage.
All rights reserved 2016.
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I’ve been busy going through a bunch of old songs I’ve written over the years to determine if they are worthy of recording or if they need some more work before recording. I’ve also been writing new material and want to record it as well. Seeing as I have this new 24 track studio (Tascam DP-24) at home, it’s time to bare down and record some new material.

I have contacted a couple of old band mates about recording some new original tracks and they are pumped about working together again. John Dillabough has layed down some lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin and banjo tracks at the end of Feb & early March 2013. John has many years experience playing live and recording with Randall Prescott, Jukebox, Hickory Wind among others. Rod Delcourt will be laying down some bass tracks and a couple of harmony tracks. Rod has been playing bass for years with Ottawa valley bands such as Hickory Wind, Arlene Quinn and has released a CD with his buddy Wendell Wilson. The duo is called DelcourtWilson and the CD is called “Long Time Coming”.

All songs written by Les Lepage.
All rights reserved 2014.
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Check out the “Roll On” page for more info.

I recorded the record at Sound Of One Hand studios in Ottawa’s east end. I worked day and night on the project in order to get everything in place to prepare to record the new record. All the staff at S.O.O.H were just great people to work with from John Dooher who just made the process so easy and enjoyable. Ross Murray at the console with his inspirational rockin’ to the tracks, Marty Jones who’s final mix was exactly what I was shooting for, a country/rock record with a little edge. I’d like to thank all the musicians on the record once again, it was a pleasure working with you all. Many thanks go out to All Bragg who co-produced the record. His experience at the board, as a musician and his ear were a God send. Al also brought in some great guests such as Steve Piticco, one of the worlds great guitar pickers and Suzie Vinnick’s harmony tracks are as sweet as sweet can be.

I met up with Ralph Carlson at his home on more than one occasion to shoot the shit on music, recording and sitting around jamming to some old tunes. I’ve known Ralph Carlson since the late 1970’s when I was just a teenager who looked old enough to get into the clubs to participate in the Open Mic nights in and around the Ottawa Valley. Ralph always let me get up and do my thing, whether I was drumming and or singing and playing guitar. Ralph was another one of the good guys who supported up and coming talent. Ralph was a good friend and mentor. Some of the stories he told me about playing with Buck Owens and the like on the same bill gave me goose bumps and I truly believe he was beside himself as well. He could sure play that Martin guitar of his. Ralph lent me his beautiful Gibson J-200 for the recording of “Walk That Walk”, it’s used on “Not Gonna Take It Anymore”. Ralph had such a collection of great gear. I’m sure Elaine (his wife) would cringe every time he came home with a new toy to use. Ralph passed away in the Fall of 2002 from Leukemia. Ralph will surely be missed. Thank you Ralph.

I stopped by to see Terry Carisse in the Fall of 2000 at Terry’s request. Terry was interested in publishing some of my songs including “Bartender” which he was very excited about. Terry & I hung out now and then for the next 5 years going over the business of writing and what not to do. Terry Carisse was one of Canadian country music’s most awarded – decorated and popular singer-songwriters. Terry passed away in the Spring of 2005. Terry will surely be missed. Thank you Terry.

Here is some more info on the record entitled “Walk That Walk”

Les has written 9 of the 10 songs on the CD entitled “Walk That Walk” available on LHL Records. The album was co- produced by Al Bragg, an accomplished musician & member of The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame, Ross Murray and Les Lepage.

Recorded at Sound Of One Hand Studios. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Mixed by: Marty Jones, Mastered by Sylvain Dubois

Musicians on the record:
Les Lepage on Percussions, Rhythm guitar, Vocals & Harmonies
Al Bragg on Keys, Dobro and Steel
Eduardo Flores on Drums
Rod Delcourt on Harmonies
Mike Belanger on Lead Guitar
Steve Piticco on Lead Guitar for tracks 1 & 5 – Mandolin on tracks 2 & 3
Tom McMahon on Bass
Suzie Vinnick on Harmonies
Tracy Clark on Lead & Rhythm Guitar for track 9
Seamus Costello on Hammond organ for tracks 2,5 & 10

I went out and put together a new band for the CD release party which was held at Hank’s on Montreal Road in Ottawa.
I also brought out some special guests for the show.

The Boys in the Band:
Les Lepage on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals and Harmonies
Rod Delcourt on Bass/Vocals and Harmonies
Mike Belanger on Lead Guitar/Vocals and Harmonies
Eduardo Flores on Drums
Al Bragg on keys and steel

Honorary members:
John Dillabough on Lead Guitar/Vocals and Harmonies
Tracy Ckark on Lead Guitar/Vocals and Harmonies
Chris Birch-Jones on Bass/Vocals and Harmonies
Ken Reynolds on Drums

Keep Rockin’!

All songs written by Les Lepage except *.
All rights reserved 1998.
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