There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth”

Will be available on April 29, 2019

Volume 5, Issue 5

April 2019

Special points of interest:

· There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth” will be available through my official site, iTunes & Apple Music on April 29, 2019
· New website coming in April/May 2019
· New video for “Sugar Bee” coming April 29, 2019

“There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth”  
will be available through iTunes  & Apple Music on April  29, 2019

Spring is in the air!

Hope things are going well for you and yours. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019 in and around the Ottawa Valley. It’s been a busy year with the upcoming release of my fourth album entitled, “There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth”. The new album will be available on April 29 2019.

This was a wonderful recording experience and I must thank John, Rod, Buddy and Al for the great tracks on the new album.

I’ve written 10 original songs for the new release and will be releasing 3 or 4 videos over the next year. I’ve had lots of positive feedback on the videos I’ve produced over the last 5 years and thank you for your feedback.

I’d also like to thank the Ottawa Valley radio stations who’ve supported my releases over the years such as Valley Heritage Radio 98.7 FM, CKCU 93.1 FM, CHIP 101.7 FM, CHLK Lake 88.1 FM.  A special thank you to all the college and university stations across the country for their support.

1. Sugar Bee
2. Whole Lot Better
3. Birdie To Bogey Blues
4. Lovin’ You
5. Sunset Surprise
6. Workin’ Hard
7. Want More Love
8. Take A Piece Of My Heart
9. Restless Writer
10. There’s Two Sides To The Story & Then There’s The Truth

Recorded at JACKEBAKA Studios in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Les Lepage: vocals, harmonies, acoustic / electric rhythm guitar & percussion

John Dillabough: electric & acoustic Lead/pickin’, vocal harmonies

Rod Delcourt: bass guitar & vocal harmonies

Al Bragg: pedal steel

Buddy McCann: harp

All songs written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Les Lepage.
Engineered by Eric Craig & Les Lepage.

Graphic design: Les Lepage.

Photo by Rob Agnel.

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New website coming in April/May 2019. I need to thank Richard Corbeil for all his expertise on the new website.

Keep Rockin!

Thanks for supporting Ottawa Valley country/rock music artists and their music!
All the best in 2019!

New video for “Sugar Bee”, will be available on  April 29,  2019

I’ll have a brand new video entitled “Sugar Bee” available on April 29, 2019 through my official site and my YouTube page .

The new album will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2019 through my official website, live shows, Valley Heritage Radio 98.7 FM in Burnstown, Ontario and through iTunes. You can also stream all of my music at Apple Music as well.